Prep Kitchen

Cannot find chefs? Do you have limited kitchen space? Are you too busy to prep and feel you cannot expand your business further?

Fumo foods has a solution for you! We have created a centralised prep kitchen for anyone working within the food industry. We have a team of fully skilled chefs ready to do your hot prep for you. We specialise in roast meats, smoked meats, sauces, sous vide products, pizza toppings, cooked veg etc. It’s a great way to save money on unreliable expensive chefs who are impossible to find.

Its very simple:-

We come to you and let you know what prep we can take off your hands.

You give us 48hours notice on what prep you need done.

We do your prep, package it in vacuum bags for freshness, and label it.

It then gets delivered to you ready for you to open the bag and use.




So its your recipies, your way, cooked by a team of highly skilled chefs!

With extensive experience within the hospitality industry, the team at fumo has a great resume:-

Tom Williams

Tom was New Zealands apprentice chef of the year in 2005, and was sent to several Michelin star restaurants in Europe, including Le Gavroche and Pied a Terre. He then moved to Australia working in hatted and fine dinning restaurants. He has also worked in several types of kitchens including, cafes, burger bars and takeaways.

Joe Wojarski

Joe was trained and worked in top hotels across England. He moved to Australia to work with celebrity chef, Manu Feildel. After working with Manu he went to the pavilion, where they gained best new restaurant and one chefs hat. After this he worked with Darell Fielsted at the top 100 restaurant Foveaux.

So you can be 100% certain on the quality of your product. If we make a mistake it comes out of our food cost, not yours! We have a multitude of kitchen equipment to give consistency in the end product.

Delivery is Monday to Saturday, minimum order and fees apply.

So now you can focus on growing your business without the hassle off finding chefs and juggling a million jobs at once!

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